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24 Dec , 2015  


Interior Design

A Stylish Asian-inspired Apartment at Ain-Saadeh

27 Nov , 2015  


Arch & arts latest work on the interior design of a young couple apartment located in Ain-Saadeh.

Case Study:

Our clients, a young couple, turned to us for help designing & furnishing their newly acquired apartment in Ain-Saadeh.

They wanted the apartment to feel like a serene, Asian-inspired, comfy-oriented place. So we infused smart catchy elements and Zen sensibilities to create an interior space with style & character. Nothing too fussy or fancy, but just simple & placid.

We went on by painting the walls with light shades of gray and/or covering them with minimalistic wallpapers patterns creating a catchy mix of subtle colors in all the apartment rooms.

Living & reception areas were kept clean and humble by selecting monochromatic color schemes for the main furniture, yet we did throw in some pillows with different textures to add some warmth to the space. Some other pieces that helped tie the furnishings together were a splurge accent of polished chrome elements.

The master bedroom design was of another match. We selected a Japanese-inspired low platform bed, and we kept the color palette simple with whites, woods and subtle grays.

Still in respect to the Asia-style guideline, we livened up the interiors with wood props, pops of black & white, and a refined mix of Japanese, Chinese and Thai geometric shapes. Doors were kept typical in terms of design & color so not to disquiet the ambiance and to accentuate the cohesiveness of the space.

Overall, we created a truly livable Asian-inspired space apt for relaxation and entertainment, an apartment that really stands out.

Below are some views from the project.





Interior Design

3d views Ain-Saadeh Residence.

14 Sep , 2015   Gallery

Full set of perspective views covering Arch & arts latest project in Ain Saadeh.
Case study coming up very soon.
























































Architecture,Interior Design

Arch & arts in the Media – Sayidati Magazine

12 Jun , 2015  


June 2015 issue of Sayidati Magazine featured a 4 pages article about Arch & arts including an instructive interview with Ziad Zakhour, Senior architect & Partner at Arch & arts.

The report briefed about Ziad Zakhour career and focused on the newest achievements of Arch & arts.



Special thanks to Mrs. Rima Lamaa.

Click here to download & read the article.

Interior Design

Duplex Chalet in Faqra, Kfardebian.

1 Jun , 2015  


Arch & arts latest work on the interior design of a family chalet located in Faqra, Kfardebian.

Case Study:

A spacious duplex chalet located in Faqra, at the prestigious “Les Suites de Faqra” Complex located within the limits of the renowned “Faqra Club” Village.

The client, a young Lebanese family turned to us for guidance & help. They wanted their chalet to feel like a serene, English-inspired, casual place to live in Winter & Summer.

We transformed the living areas by using lighter shades of paints on the walls keeping everything clean and simple with classic sensibilities schemes, which we livened up with wood accents, pops of gray and beige, and geometric classic shapes throughout.
We wanted the reception areas of the chalet to feel calm and rich, so we selected Italian-inspired furniture and lighting appliances, keeping the props palette simple

A dedicated attention was given to the kitchen, where rustic elements were combined to the colors and patterns to reflect the high-mountain flair of the chalet.
The bedrooms were designed around bright colors and incorporated almond wood elements to keep the chalet’s design cohesive.

Below are some views from the project.







Horrible Engineering in Cairo, Egypt.

28 Apr , 2015  


Can fraudulent building developers and engineers get lower than that…?

Web & Multimedia

Unigaz Website

16 Apr , 2015  


Unigaz was established in 1957, it was the first company in the Middle East to offer a comprehensive range of gas services. We have been involved in the development of Unigaz websites since the launch of the first version in 2007. The current version is V.4, 2015.

One of the requirements of the new website was to clearly demonstrate the value and scale of the company. Going Regional, Unigaz needed to focus clearly on some key elements to attract user’s attention – such as the large range of services provided and the extensibility of the company.

The new website with a fresh and modern design proactively encourages users to browse around offering related content to pages being viewed. This also helps the site feel ‘alive’ as it serves up dynamic content enriching pages and encourages interaction.
The website is built on WordPress Content Management System, where administrators have full control over all content, allowing for various levels of user permissions, publishing rights and live previews of new content.




View Completed Website: http://www.unigaz.net/



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Arch & arts’ Mobile Website now online!

18 Mar , 2015  


Finally the gap has been filled!

At Arch & arts we were regularly foiled by our site visitors that, while the website looked great on regular computers & tablets, it wasn’t fancy to navigate on mobile devices.

With smartphones soaring in the last few years it was obvious that we needed to handle this issue quickly & seriously.

Thus after a couple of months of developments we are delighted to announce that Arch & arts’ Mobile Site is now online, easier than ever to access on your smartphone through tttp://www.archandarts.com.

Still, this mobile version will be just be a momentary solution. Arch & arts new & fully responsive website is currently under development (still in the concept stages) and should be ready to launch in the second half of 2015.

This would be Arch & arts website v.6 since 2010. Yes! Six versions in 15 years!

For anyone working in the Web industry, the statement “When you are finished changing, you’re finished” will particularly ring true. Since its inception the Web has been a medium that is both rapidly and constantly evolving. Keeping up to date with this ever-changing landscape is a challenge and at Arch & arts we like challenges and that’s what makes our work on and in the Web so fantastic and exciting.

Sometimes soon we’ll write a post depicting the history of Arch & arts’ website (need to immerse in the archive though), it should be an interesting web history lesson: 15 years of Arch & arts’ website…

Meanwhile, to all our mobile followers you know have all what’s needed to better experience Arch & arts’ on your smartphones.

And as always do feel free to advise your comments.



Interior Design

Dining Room Wall Makeover!

2 Mar , 2015  


The project consisted on making a neat makeover of the dining room wall; enhance the looks while creating storage vitrines for bottles, glasses & amenities.

Arch & arts?? design scheme included full wood & glass upper cabinets for storage and display, a small bar on the corner and a cheerful painting.

Since the wallpaper was already installed the option of installing recessed lighting in the cabinets was not feasible, knowing that such an interesting option would have helped improving the look & feel of the wood works graciously.

It was essential that the design be modern, relaxed and fun rather that communal.

We created high specification wood cabinets with an outstanding design structure using ??Smart Glass?? shutters.

The use of a glossy grey color for painting the upheld wood elements was an all-important aspect. It added impact to the whole structure and a refreshing look, as glossiness reflected both the dynamic wallpaper and the stylish furniture elements of the apartment.

The bar color was black to match with the existing dresser and thus respect the continuity of the horizontal latent elements.

The centre-point of the design was the installation?of the colorful bold canvas in the middle of the wall, between the cabinets, inviting vividness into the space.

The end view was a refreshing makeover of the wall and an overgenerous flavor for the whole dining room area.

finalThe Final Result

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We will be glad to assist you.